Mission Statement for "Silverleaf"

Silverleaf is situated 200 kilometers north west of Roma, Queensland and was first selected by the Compagnoni family in 1896. For 80 years, this family has had a strong tradition of breeding quality Hereford cattle with a program of continuously improving the genetics of the herd. These include bloodlines from renowned Studs  Cootharaba and more recently, Toolangatta, Waraba Park.

The Compagnoni family implemented Holistic Management Planned Grazing on Silverleaf 18 years ago. This method assesses the grazing potential of each paddock and involves shifting the herd regularly to fresh pasture. This ensures the protein available in the grasses remain at levels above maintenance requirements for the animals and supplements are available if necessary. Due to the regular handling of the cattle when shifting paddocks, they are quiet, calm and relaxed

Calves on Silverleaf are weaned using EasyWean noserings. This allows the calves to be weaned gradually and eliminates the stress and subsequent weight loss of being separated from their mother. As our cattle are handled quietly and constantly, there is no need to officially wean and train the weaners in the traditional manner.

No chemicals are used at all—no need for drenching as the cattle seldom return to a paddock in less than 120 days.  Cattle Coat Oil—an organic product—is used to deter buffalo fly. We are presently using 3 in 1 Liquid Livestock Supplement an Organic Product.


This year 2018  we have become Classified Organic with the above organization. Our goal has always been to perpetuate the property within the family and to return it to the condition it was in when selected in 1896. Our mission through our Environmental Management System seeks to…

  • Let nature take its course ie minimum interference from humans
  • Curb pollution
  • Allow vegetation to naturally regenerate
  • Comply with all legislative and license requirements
  • Develop improved environmental goals and objectives
  • Implement progressive environmental improvement measures
  • Allow wildlife to co- exist in their natural habitat 
  • Monitor environmental progress.
  • Maintain our health and wellbeing to allow us to achieve these goals
  • Continually improve our pasture and soil condition
  • Operate a sustainable and financially successful enterprise 

Contact "Silverleaf"

Narelle & Peter Compagnoni

9667 Mount Moffatt Road 

Mitchell. Qld. 4465

Phone: 07 4626 3550

UHF Channel 13

 Email : combros@bigpond.com